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Mix&Match was a new take on the concept of bundling. Previous incarnations allowed Target guests to, for instance, select from one bikini top and one bikini bottom. For this updated there were two primary goals.

First, the ability for our guests to create their own bundle (or set, as we referred to it). If a guest wanted to purchase one bikini bottom, but five different tops (something our research found), we did not want to limit them in the aforementioned scenario.

The second goal was cross-category selling, essentially allowing guests to shop multiple categories on one screen. This was extremely appealing to our merchandising partners, who could create a full story on a single page. For example, if C9 wanted to create a Get Fit campaign for the new year, a site merchandiser could create a page where a guest could purchase C9 clothing, shoes & gym equipment in a single spot (as a side note, something near impossible to accomplish in store).

Product: Amanda Maloka / Accessibility: Sana Baig, Randi Strunk / Lead Engineer: Matt Royten
Xbox Concept
Some of the biggest excitement for the Mix&Match platform came from our advertising partners. This concepts explores a few new avenues, included a completely branded experience & a gift list builder (with a share functionality).
Xbox Concept (Continued)
Designed & developed in a ten week span, Target launched the first iteration of Mix&Match with Swim.
Swim (Continued)
During its first three months, this experience achieved one million dollars in sales, converting at an average rate of 8.8%, topping out at a single day conversion of 13.47% (at the time, the average conversion rate for was 2.1%).
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