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Based on data available at the time from Target’s research team, customers who search for a product will convert at a higher rate than those who browse for something. However, those who browse categories (e.g.: women’s clothing or video games) tend to spend more per purchase. Unfortunately, this browse path had been reduced to a drill down of static, and most importantly, non-shopable lifestyle/product compilation images, a number of which featured products that were not actually available on

Project Run was an ambitious project: an attempt to re-imagine how guests shop when choosing to browse Simply put, the primary goal was to put (shopable) products in front of guests as early as we can in the browsing experience, all without sacrificing what makes Target, it’s brand.

UX Lead: Maya Page / UX Design: Matt Maly, Ryan Evans, Peter Skwiot Smith / Product: Susie Moschkau / Accessibility: Sana Baig, Randi Strunk / Lead Engineer: Matt Duffin / Art Direction: Target Creative
Signpost Row
The Signpost Row is the core element of Project Run. The Signpost (far left) provided a quick visual scan of ‘what’s available here,’ with shopable product tiles to the right. The Signpost Row featured a number of variations, including sub-category drill-down tiles, promotion tile & informational overlays, to name a few.
Signpost Row Components
Project Run was not just about Target’s guests, but also its Site Merchandisers. It offered a myriad of tools & options to help them offer clearer paths to not only products, but collections & promotions. The first example is an example of the flyout, which would sit overtop the Signpost Row, offering more information about the contents of the row. The second a hybrid collections banner, that would allow site merchandisers to announce new products in a product listing view. The final example is the promotion tile, which would replace one product in the row and allow site merchandisers to offer a promotion instead.
Project Run - Made to Matter
Target Creative implemented Project Run for the initial launch of Made to Matter™, one of Target’s first wellness initiatives, focusing on products that were good for you, and good for the environment. Target Creative commissioned Geoff McFetridge to create illustrations for this campaign, giving a excellent example of Project Run implemented to its fullest. During its first year, this page had an average conversion rate over 8%, and accounted for over eight million dollars in sales.
Project Run - Baby
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